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Survive to eighteen.
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The Phantom of the Opera by Sportygirlea The Phantom of the Opera :iconsportygirlea:Sportygirlea 2 0 a gift by Sportygirlea a gift :iconsportygirlea:Sportygirlea 0 0 another solar system by Sportygirlea another solar system :iconsportygirlea:Sportygirlea 0 0 Unwind- let me help you by Sportygirlea Unwind- let me help you :iconsportygirlea:Sportygirlea 4 6 kiss by Sportygirlea kiss :iconsportygirlea:Sportygirlea 1 0
Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase 7
Percy was dragged farther down the maze and into an empty cave. He pulled out his pen and struggled to pull the cap off. It grew into a three foot long celestial bronze sword and swung it at the wolf. It parried from the strike, "Calm down, Perseus Jackson. We know of your Achilles heel." He readied his sword. "I'll just kill you quickly so you don't get it." He charged at Salmoncus, Lycaon was quickly and tackled Percy to the ground. He laid there with his back facing towards them. "You made a mistake there Perseus." Salmoncus pulled out his dagger and aimed for his Achilles heel.
A large flash erupted in the cave, blinding Salmoncus making him miss the strike. Zeus struck Salmoncus with a lightning bolt and he was blasted into smithereens. Poseidon disintegrated the wolf with his trident. "Are you all right son?" He asked, helping Percy up.
"Yeah, thanks father. Thank you Lord Zeus"
"I will go and talk to Hades make sure that they will get special punishment." Zeus said, and then he
:iconsportygirlea:Sportygirlea 17 7
Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase 4
Together they walked down to the beach, hand in hand.
They stood bare foot in the tide, hands still tangled together, watching the sunset. "I don't want the night to end just yet." She said, under her breath.
"Neither do I," they looked into each others eyes. They were about to lean in and kiss, but the water pulled under there feet so fast it made them lose their balance and they fell down onto the sand. She laid there laughing; he sat up getting angry at his dad. Annabeth grabbed the collar of his jacket and pulled him back down next to her. He joined in with her laughter.
The laughter died down when they looked into each others eyes. He moved her hair out of her face, and kissed her. The curfew horn blew, and they separated. She stood up and said, "Come on Seaweed Brain, let's get to bed." Together they walked towards her cabin. They gave each other a hug goodnight, but they didn't want to separate. They held tightly onto one another. "I don't want to say good night, just yet." He g
:iconsportygirlea:Sportygirlea 12 3
Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase 6
"How are we supposed to get through this?" Grover asked getting a little anxious.
"I'll handle this," Zeus said, and he started to grow to his full height.
"Cover your eyes." Annabeth ordered. All of them except for the other gods looked away. Zeus reached down and touched the mark. The ground began to shake; the half bloods lost their balance and fell. A small portion of the mountain opened forming a tunnel. All of them moved in, Annabeth leading the way. The gods abruptly stopped,
"We can't go on," Zeus said. "We will wait for it to open here." They moved on, they took the five new demigods with them.
"So… what's your guys' name?" Grover asked, breaking the tension. A blond haired, gray eyed boy said. "I'm Curtis."
"I bet you're a child of Athena." Grover said looking at the similarities as Annabeth.
"I'm Jessica," A fourteen year old brunet girl said, she was interested in Percy and she would try to start a new conversation with him. Percy leaned down and whispered in A
:iconsportygirlea:Sportygirlea 12 4
Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase 5
She stayed over the night in the guest bedroom and the next morning she had a flight back to San Francisco. Annabeth and Percy drove down to the airport the next morning. They walked down to the security gates. "Here," she handed him her Yankees cap.
"Why are you giving me this?"
"So you can come to the gate with me. Put it on." She grabbed his hand and he put the hat on, turning him invisible. They went through security, and walked to an empty waiting area. Percy took the cap off, becoming visible again. They walked around looking through the gift shops, hand in hand.
"No way…Jackson?" Someone behind them said.
Percy recognized the voice and Annabeth also.
"Sloan." Percy said trying to sound happy to see him.
"That's the chick that punched me in the nose." He glared at Annabeth.
"Which you deserved," She had a huge smile on her face, remembering when she knocked him out.
"You need to leash her up Jackson."
Annabeth clenched her fist.
"Ouch" Percy said.
"Sorry," she loosens her gr
:iconsportygirlea:Sportygirlea 15 2
Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase 3
Percy woke up around 6A.M. by a loud banging on his door. "Whos there?"
No answer.
He puts on a shirt and grabbed his pen. He uncapped it, and it grew into a three foot long Greek sword. Anaklusmos. Riptide.
He readied himself and opened the door.
Its ok boss, its just me.
Its Percys Pegasus, Blackjack.
"Blackjack what wrong?"
some friends in the sea need your help.
Yeah, can you help?
"Yeah, Im coming." He puts on his shoes and hoped onto Blackjacks back. They flew ten miles out to sea from the shore of the beach at camp.
Theyre right below us.
"You dont have to wait." He jumped off the winged steed and plunged down the towards the oceans depths. He found a dolphin trapped under a net and sinking gasping for air. It was surrounded by other fish and a hippocampus. He uncapped his pen, growing into a long sword, at cut the ropes. The dolphin swam to the surface, doing flips in the air. The other creatures gave thanks and swam away. He swam back to the surface and willed the cur
:iconsportygirlea:Sportygirlea 15 5
Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase 2
"What are you doing here?" He asked.
"We need to talk." They sat on the bed. "Listen Percy, you really need to fix what you did to Annabeth."
"And what did I do that needs to be fixed?"
"Are you joking? You seriously don't know what you did to her? You were the one that admitted to her that you liked her, so you two went out last summer. And now you are hitting on some Aphrodite girl. Wow Percy, you are so clueless."
"She's the one that wanted a break."
"She just needed to think, but she never said anything about having a break. You just assumed that you two weren't going out."
"I thought that, because she wouldn't even go on a date with me."
"Did it ever occur to you that she was unable to?"
He thought about it for a sec, and then realized how much of an idiot he really was. "Come on, we're going to go talk to her." Thalia said, pulling him towards the door. Together they walked back to the amphitheater, where they are having the camp sing along. "Wait here," she told him and she was
:iconsportygirlea:Sportygirlea 18 5
Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase 1
It was Percys first day back at Camp Half Blood; he came back three weeks later than the date when the other campers came back. Everyone was concerned if he wasnt coming back ever again, or he had died. Percy received great welcome backs from the campers, but he couldnt find his closer friends, his friends he wanted to see the most. After unpacking his stuff in cabin three, he went to go search for his friend Annabeth. He checked everywhere he could before the conch horn blew, telling the campers it's time for lunch. He looked at the Athena table to see if Annabeth was there, but she was nowhere to be seen. After lunch he walked down to the beach to relax for a bit. He lies in the sand with his feet touching the surf.
"Hey there Seaweed Brain," he sat up and turned to see who talked, it was Annabeth.
He quickly stood up, and said, "Hey."
They gave each other a welcome back, hug and sat down on the sand together. "I've been looking for you all day, wise girl." She blushed, and said, "So
:iconsportygirlea:Sportygirlea 26 9


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I'm currently in the process writing about what if i was a district 12 tribute for the hunger games. As of right now I'm writing it on lined paper then edit while typing it up. I have to say that I am in a 'hunger games' phase, like how I was Percy Jackson. It's going to be awesome :)


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